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Microwave Society – Has Instant Karma Got You?

Caution Microwave-1Remember the song “Instant Karma” by John Lennon? 
Well in our Microwave Society – I think in many ways 
Instant Karma has already Got Us!

Baby Boomers demand Instant everything: 
Jiffy Pop Popcorn, Jiffy Peanut Butter, Instant Coffee, 
Instant Oatmeal, Velcro Shoes and even 
Upside-down Ketchup so it comes out faster.
What else: ATMs so you don’t have to wait in line, 
Online Banking, Online Shopping, Digital Cameras, 
iPhones, and Insta-Grams.

WHAT ever happen to Slow and Steady?
Fast and Instant things have their advantages, 
but there are negative effects it has had on us!
The intent was good at first to help us to make things 
faster & easier to save us time to spend on leisure things.
But as humans all voids must be filled – SO what did we do 
with ALL that extra time? 
DO we relax & have MORE time to take it easy OH NO! 
We fill it up with more tasks & instant time wasting CRAP!

STOP the World I want to get OFF,  
Or at least Please SLOW DOWN WORLD 
so we don’t throw up & can enjoy the ride.
Listen in today, because I got lots more to say about that!


Re – Do Episode 46

Have you ever started a project that just wasn’t getting done fast or good enough?
But you keep at it only to realize you might just be going about things in a way that
may be hindering you instead of helping you.
Well, last week I came to that realization after listening to
some trusted friends from the Podcast House Family I’m in.
I am listing folks, their link and the specific show titles
I listened to that help me a whole lot and wanted to share these
with you because they might help you as well:
Gail Foley – thegailfoleyshow.com – “Do Over”
Alecia Lawrence – ilivetoinspie.com -“Discover the Secret of What Motivates You”
Christian Salafia – transformradio.com – “The Scarcity Mindset”
Sam Crowley – everydayissaturday.com – “Learn”
Check them out after you’re finished listening to this show and
Please make sure to give them all some 5 Star iTune Rating Love.
And if you are interested in becoming a part of the Podcast House Family
to get your message out to the world,
You can check it out by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/1eq0nsi

Enjoy the show:


WAY – Spiritual Saturday – Episode 45

Jesus the Christ – the WAY, Truth and Life.
This Week I did Who Are You Part 1 & 2
on My Everyday Freedom Show and I noticed the
Who Are You spells WAY if you take the first letters
 and as a Christian my identity of Who I Am is
in Jesus Christ my WAY, Truth and Life.

ChristCrucified - 1




Have you ever been misdirected, off course or just plain lost?
Have you lost your way on the way to Your Everyday Freedom & Destiny.
What you need is a GPS – No not a Global Positioning Satellite -
a GPS = Goal Positioning System
That way whenever you get misdirected from your goal you
should be able to find out where you are and say “re-calculating”
then quickly get back on track to your goal!
And Ladies I have a shout out to you all at the 10:20 mark
in the show for keeping us guys properly directed.
Listen to today’s show to get pointed in the right direction:


Passover & UnLeavened Bread

Spiritual  – Passover & UnLeavened Bread
passover and ub webpage
Passover is coming up next week.

Many think it is a day just for the Jewish people,
but did you know that God gave Passover for all mankind?
There is rich meaning and purpose and we can discover
God’s plan for mankind if we put the Old & New Testament together.
Join me for today’s time of rest and refreshing:


Give and Receive – Part 2


When you give from the heart receiving comes more abundantly

than the giving part.

Here are some gifts for you today:
Please pay particular attention to the Shout-Outs I give during the show about - 

Gail Foley of http://gailfoley.podomatic.com a lady who has wisdom and experience and the desire to give you the tools to grow your business,

Christian Salafia of http://transformradio.com a man who has insight beyond his years and laid-back way of motivating and inspiring others and

Alecia Lawrence of http://ilivetoinspire.com a lady who truly lives to inspire others to greatness !

Check them out to receive the gifts of wisdom, motivation and inspiration.

Listen in to Part 2 of Give and Receive to find out more
about this seemingly hidden wisdom:


Give and Receive – Part 1

Have you ever heard the saying, 
“It is more blessed to give than to receive?”
That seems to imply a choice of either only giving or getting.
But did you know that if you give from the heart you can do both Give & Receive?
And the receiving comes to you naturally!
Listen in to find out how will work for you: