Duct Tape Dreams


Where have I been lately?
If you are still struggle to hold your dream together,
Then just listen to today’s Show & Know
I understand where you are coming from!

Good News

If you had really Good News that anyone could benefit from,
Wouldn’t you want to share it with Everyone?
That is what I want to do today – Please Join Me!



It’s Unfair!


Here in the U.S. we just had the 1st Presidential Debate
and many would say it was Unfair!
So what does that have to do with Your Everyday Freedom?
Listen in Today & Find Out.



Peace Be With You


If you are having trials & tribulations
and you need a way to calm the stormy seas,
I have good news for you.
There is a Peace that Surpasses all our understanding.
Listen In Today & I will tell You how You can Receive that Peace!



Back on Track so Don’t Look Back!


So you’ve picked yourself up & gotten back on track.
Now What Do You Do?
You Keep Moving Forward & You Don’t Look Back!
Listen in Today.



My Deliverer


If you are struggling with something &
having a hard time overcoming it.
I have good news for You Today!
Please listen in & join me!

Credits:The song at the end of the show is My Deliverer from The Jesus Record by Rich Mullins


Don’t Fear Change


Is the Fear of Change keeping You from
Your Dream, Your Goal, Your Passion?
Some fear change of things going from Bad to Worse.
But how about changing things from Bad to Better!
Let’s Not Fear Change.
Listen in Today & Change Things Up!



I Feel Your Pain

I Feel Your Pain

If You are still struggling to achieve Your Everyday Freedom
I want to let you know – I Feel Your Pain!
There hasn’t been any Podcasts for a while because I have been missing in action.
The key word is action because I’ve been the Lone BioMed Ranger at the Hospital.
With 24/7 call and lots to do the JOB has been quite overwhelming.
Let’s Encourage each other – Listen in today!



Vote Your Conscience

Vote Your Conscience

This Presidential Election is very interesting
to say the least and many have strong opinions.

Many say the You Must Vote and to just either
Vote Your Conscience or Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils!
What Would You Do?