Are You Looking for the Magic?

magic hat

Are you looking for the Magic to make
all your dreams to come true?
Is there Really an Easy Button in Life for
your Dreams, Goals and passions?
Join me today to find out.



What If I’m Wrong?

What if I'm Wrong

With 2106 in full swing now – How’s it going?
Have you made your awesome plans and choices for this year?
Are you second guessing and maybe stalling asking yourself,
“But  What if I’m wrong?”


No Worries – Let’s work thru that in this Episode!



What Are Your Prioritizes for 2016?

Prioritizes for 2016

 Are you determined to make 2016
Your Best Year Ever?!
In order to do that you need to
make sure to focus on the right things.
And the best way to do that it to
make sure you have the right priority!
Join me today and find out more.



2016 – Ready or Not Here It Comes!

Happy 2016

2015 is gone.
Ready or Not Here it Comes – 2016.
With 2015 done and gone,
what are you plans for 2016?
Let make this Our Best Year Ever!
Join me today for some 2016 thoughts.

Is Christmas Vain Worship?

ChristmasVainWorship - MEDF

Tis the Season!?!
During this time of year many are celebrating
Christmas whether they believe in Jesus or not.
Many believe Christmas is the birthday celebration of Jesus
and a way to worship and honor Him, but the Bible does not say
when Christ was born and it does not say we are to keep such a holiday.
The Bible gives clear instructions on what is God’s Sabbaths, Feast Days
and Holy Days and Christmas is not one of them.
In fact the origins of most Christmas traditions are Pagan
and God says He does not accept worship in those ways.
The Word of God says we are to Worship God in Spirit and in Truth.
So is it possible to worship God with a lie?
Listen in today as we explore this question.

Tic Toc – 2015

Tic Toc 2015

Tic Toc – Tic Toc
2015 is almost over!
Where did the time go?
Has very thing you hoped for happened this year?
If not – No Worries – Just listen in today and be encouraged
Because 2016 is going to be Your Best Year Ever!




ODB - Thankful

If you celebrated it – I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
My family and I went to see my Mom, my Sister and her family.
It was a lot of fun and realized 
I have lot to be Thankful for. How about you?
Please join me today.

Thanksgiving Message – 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - MEDF

 Just wanted to record a short message
to wish you & yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving!



It’s a Busy World!

Busy World - MEDF

It’s a Busy World out there isn’t it?
I have been busy working Looooonnnng hours
at the JOB with a project that needed me to
do a month’s worth of work in a few days.
But I am back on My Everyday Freedom Trail.
Please come join me for a short visit & some encouragement.