Spiritual Apology

212017_glass_doveThis show was played earlier this year, But I felt there are more that need an apology because of those that
misrepresent what a follower of Christ is supposed to be. This is specifically dedicate for anyone who is not a Christian, for those that were and  have left the Church and those that are still Christians and have been hurt or abused in any way by anyone who has Misrepresented Father God and His son Jesus the Christ.
I would like to stand in the gap & apologize to you all. I hope you will listen to today’s show and hear my heart
in the matter, accept the apology and forgive the offenders.


Time to Purge

Time to Purge - MEDF I will be taking a new direction with the My Everyday Freedom Show and in order to do that I need to purge a bunch of stuff out of my life that is hindering my progress.

The Definition of Purge I am talking about is: rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release.
And it is a verb – An ACTION WORD!

I have discovered that there are at least three ways to purge.

1. Don’t Look – or Spend time on it. Like deleting emails but that is only for that one time – but         Beware they’ll be back.
2. Purge as you go – Not as daunting as #3 and in time and if you are strong it will work.
3. Bite the Bullet – Pull the Trigger – Delete It All and Don’t Look Back.
     You Know the Burn the Ships approach.

 Today let’s explore all three and what might work best for you when you need to
purge things 
out of your life to enjoy Your Everyday Freedom today!