Thanksgiving Message – 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - MEDF

 Just wanted to record a short message
to wish you & yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving!



It’s a Busy World!

Busy World - MEDF

It’s a Busy World out there isn’t it?
I have been busy working Looooonnnng hours
at the JOB with a project that needed me to
do a month’s worth of work in a few days.
But I am back on My Everyday Freedom Trail.
Please come join me for a short visit & some encouragement.

Where is the Thief?


Many traditional Christians will use Luke 23: 43
to support the doctrine that when you die you go to heaven.
But there are Biblical conflicts about that verse.
To find out what they are and where the thief
actually is today listen to today’s show.



Do You Really Want to be a Rich Jerk?

Have you ever thought about becoming Rich & Famous?
Some are rich, but at what cost?
Would it be at the expensive of others or
at the cost of your own integrity and
who you were truly meant to be?

So the question I want to ask you today is:
“Do You Really Want to be a Rich Jerk?”


 Listen in to answer that Question for Yourself.

Never Give Up on God

God Never Gives Up on You!
parable-of-the-lost-sheep - MEDF


Whether you have known God all your life,
or Have never known God at all:
Never Give Up on God,
Because God Never Gives Up on You!


Listen in today and find out How Much God Loves You.

Never Give Up!

Never Give UP Until Done
While on your journey to Your Everyday Freedom
when times get tough & the tasks at hand seem
overwhelming, you might need to Regroup –
But NEVER Give Up until
You Achieve Your Goal, Dream or Passion!
There is a big difference between
Regrouping and Retreating:


Regroup = reassemble or cause to reassemble into
organized groups, typically after being attacked or defeated.
Some Synonyms for Regroup are: Come to Order, Bring to Order,

Restore or Renew.
Retreat = the act of withdrawing, into safety or seclusion,
& an asylum, as for the insane.
Some Synonyms for Retreat are: Evacuate, Withdrawal, Flight & Quit.

Above All You Must Never Give Up!

Please listen in & Join me today.

Where is God?

Where is God - MEDF

Some ask Where is God?!?
He is a lot closer than you think.

Listen in to find out just Where He’s at.

The Right Mind

The Right Mind - MEDF

To have clarity, understanding and focus,
we need the Right Mind.
And you got to have the Right Mind
to have the Right Mind! – Right?


Join me today & find out what I mean.

Passing Thoughts and Frustrations

Passing Thoughts and Frustrations - MEDF

It has been another busy & hectic week at the Hospital J.O.B.
The Pope has come & gone and I have been having some
passing thoughts and I wanted to catch them and share then with you.

If you don’t mind me thinking out loud – Join me today