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Real Life in the Weird World – In It But Not of It

Real Lifein a Weird worldorIn it but not

This World is a pretty weird place,
but as a believer we are supposed to be
In It But Not Of It.
Just what does that mean?
Listen in today & find out.



Be True to You!

Be True to You

Are you still trying to be someone or something
you are not, just to please others?
Take the advice that Mr. Wizard the Lizard used to always give to
Tooter the Turtle: “Be what you is and not what you is not.
Folks what do this is the happiest lot.”
Listen in for the rest of the story.



If You’re Going Thru Hell – Don’t Stop!

Going thru Hell

What do you do when you’re going thru Hell?
I know what I’m going to do so listen in today and find out!


Here is the link for Ron Kenoly’s Song “If you catch hell.”



Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

There are many different kinds of lies.
But the worse lies are the ones we tell
and believe.

Let’s stop that today –
Live the truth and be who you are truly meant to be!





Whether you need to forgive a wrong done to you
or you need to be forgiven for wrongs you have done –
Forgiveness is a Powerful thing.


Listen in to find out Why!