Big Enough WHY

Have you ever heard the saying if you want to change things up and follow you dream you must come up with a big enough why?

I had to ask, What exactly does that really mean?


I tried early on my quest for My Everyday Freedom to make the WHY List.


You might know some of them;


To pay all my debt, quit my job,


To just stay at home,


To take 6 months vacations,


To goof off,


To help others and I will not bore you with any more.



But I kept changing my list – – – Why?


Because obviously the whys just are not BIG enough.


How do I know that you might ask?


Well – I know that because even when I am sitting in front of my computer staring at my latest list of reasons WHY I want to achieve My Everyday Freedom I end up checking my email, surfing the web, taking a nap, watching T.V., looking at funny videos and doing everything and anything except the things I need to do to get myself even starting on the path to My Everyday Freedom.


Look there are tons of programs and plans that can make money. I have written about that in other articles, and if you don’t know WHAT it is you are going to do; then chances are you aint going to figure out WHY you want to do it.


I do not know what it is that will motivate you enough to have the drive, energy, discipline and determination to get it done.


Heck, I don’t know exactly what my why is yet either. YET! But I will!


How is that for being real with you?


I do know it has to be something BIG ENOUGH that I just Have To Get It Done! – NO MATTER WHAT!


The example I came up with while thinking about this article is working on my car when it needs fixing.


Let me explain – Right now I still have a regular JOB and I need my car to get there so I can work then get a check so I can pay my bills and eat and such.


So when my car breaks down like it did a few months ago with a bad starter, I got out there in the rain and replaced the starter. I just did it. Needing my car was a big enough why to fix it – no matter what.
It took two days cause I have to get to parts place get the right part an some other hassles, but the delays weren’t because I thought I needed a nap first or maybe I would get around to it after my TV show or after I check my email for more spammy offers and shiny objects to waste my money on.


NO, I needed – – – I Wanted my car running again and I made it my top priority to get it fixed and running again ASAP!


So the point I am trying to make is: Sit down and think about the thing you desire to do more than anything else.
Then come up with a Big enough reason WHY so that it becomes Your:
thing in your life.


Okay that said I am going take my own advice and Go sit down and think awhile own my WHY again.


(Below came a few days later)


I had a revelation today – I won’t get all religious on you but I was listening to a Sermon and the preacher was talking about our individual callings. I believe God has made us each special and individual all with specifics gifts and a purpose.
Most people stumble through life miserable because they are not walking in their calling.


How do I know? – Because I have been miserable most of my adult life and was never sure why even when things were going well for me.


Here is the biggest thing I learned from the preacher today:


If we human beings just work for money or the things we can get and not in our calling, most of us will feel empty.


For me I remember choosing the field I am still in right now, specifically because I figured I could make good money – and Honestly I have made good and although I am grateful – I still hate my job because while it is better – it is not BEST!


Here is the task set before us to Succeed in life and be truly Happy!


Once we have figured out the What and the Why
the HOW is the easiest Part of all.


Okay folks – let’s get to it!     




Do you believe?

Hello folks.

For those that have been following you will know I started this Blog in April 2012 to document and share my journey to find My Everyday Freedom.

As promised, I am NOT going to B.S. you all and tell you how easy it is or that I have the secret to success. I am going to tell you about my journey along the way and what works and what doesn’t work for me.

That said I want to tell you about a phone conversation I had yesterday with my older brother. We live in different areas or the U.S and until just a few years ago were living our own lives, doing our own things since we both left home to go into the military over 30 years ago. We hardly communicated with each other and rarely saw each other. But recently we both saw the need to reconnect to each other and family. A bit difficult when you don’t really know who that person is now from the person you grew up with as a child. But amazingly although apart from each other doing totally different things we both seemed to comes to the same conclusions and desires of the importance of family and wanting to enjoy Everyday Freedom while helping others achieve their Everyday Freedom as well.

So there is a little background for you.

My brother and I talked for over 2 hours and we are chatting away catching up and disgusting religion, politics, philosophy (we don’t have a problem with that as some since we pretty much agree with each other) and then on to the main topic of our individual progress on achieving our Everyday Freedom.

My brother told me he was reading my blogs. I got another on on the Psiritual side called Sabbath Rest Ministry.
Then he made this statement, “I hope you believe all that stuff you are writing about.”

That statement got me really thinking as we spent a good hour or so just on that subject alone.
I have lived on this earth 55 years and have been through a bunch of stuff, some good and some not so good. I have been blessed in many ways and got a lot of built up knowledge and experience in me which I am more than happy to share with other as I am doing right now in this post.

I have more than enough know-how and tools to do something to achieve the things I want to achieve – and yet I am writing this to you today and still haven’t made my first real dollar online – working at a J.O.B. I hate and wanting to STOP doing what I have to do to pay bills instead of doing what I WANT to do because I love to do it!

Can anybody out there relate to what I am saying?

Listen, the bottom line of all this is something my brother brought up:

Do I really believe all the stuff I have been saying?

Or am I just fooling myself – talking trash?

Here is the next tough question:

If I really believe it, then why aren’t I doing anything about it?

There is a verse in the Bible that says Faith without Works is Dead.

So how does that apply here without getting religious?

What it means to me is: If you really believe something and don’t take action it is useless.

In other words I can tell others that I believe I can achieve My Everyday Freedom by using the Internet to build a successful business. I can buy all the programs and tools out there – BUT if I don’t DO anything to make it happen – All the believing without action is saying – I really don’t believe.

Successful folks in any field did not become successful just by believing they could.

For example: Michael Jordan did not become a successful basketball player by just believing it so. He practiced a lot to make it happen.

 Movie stars did just believe they could be a star – they went out and auditioned to get parts.

 A good auto mechanic didn’t just believe he could fix an engine – he actually fixed enough to become good at it.

I think you get the point. We can believe a lot of things can happen, but without taking action (works) what good it is?

So – I want to thank you Rick for that great chat and excellent question!

It has help me to push the Reset Button on this adventure and gain some Motivation to get things moving forward and hopefully faster to achieving My Everyday Freedom.

To quote Napolean Hill from his book Think and Grow Rich,
“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  and if that does not work for you –
How about a quote from Nike – “Just Do It”

Next time I am going to write about the Power of having a Big Enough Why.