Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving - MEDF

This week in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
For many it has just become a time to eat a lot of food and watch football
or the Thanksgiving Day Parade and gear up for Black Friday
and the Commercial Christmas sales season.
But that is not what it was originally meant to be.
From the beginning of American history there have been days set aside to gives thanks.
The Pilgrims had a Harvest Feast giving thanks for the harvest they received and
blessings of their new land. 
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson set days aside
for giving thanks and on October 3, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued
a proclamation setting aside the last Thursday in November as a national day of thanks,
setting the precedent for the modern holiday we celebrate today.
But this is NOT to be a history lesson.
I just would like to suggest that this year that we in America would take the time to be Thankful for the many Blessings we have. A time to be with family, friends and maybe even a time to Thanks the Giver of all good things.

And not just today –
To enjoy Everyday Freedom we should to take stock and be Thankful Every Day!
For those celebrating Thanksgiving,

I wish you and yours the Very Best Thanksgiving Ever!


Why Ask Why?

The GodPod - 1 in 7 for Rest & Refreshing

The GodPod – 1 in 7 for Rest & Refreshing

Have you ever asked Why?
For today’s Spiritual Saturday – The God Pod Show
I thought I would pull up & edit a show for you that I had
 previously recorded exploring Spiritual aspects of the question Why?



The Interview – Episode 002

This week I would like to play an interview where Todd Gross
famous Voice-Over Artist and Internet Marketer Interviews me
about the My Everyday Freedom Show.

MEDF - The Interview Episode 002

Tune in to learn more about the goals of My Everyday Freedom,
a little bit about me & how I can help you to achieve
Your Everyday Freedom!