2015 – Back to the Future

past doesnot equal the future - med banner
2015 is almost here! 
But before it gets here I have a question for you:
It is possible to go back to the past to fix the future?


There is a way to fix you past for a better future
 & you won’t even need an expensive car
or a scientist to do that.
Listen to today’s show to find out
the secret to Your Awesome Future!



Be the Gospel

JesusandtheWomanat the well - MEDF

First of all what is the Gospel?
Christians are told they must preach the gospel.
I have found that most people don’t want to be told
how bad they are or be given a bunch of rules to follow.

And they don’t want to just hear about God either.
They want to experience Him and know His Love.
So instead of just Preaching the Gospel –
How about it if we – Be the Gospel!?



Do the Due – Part 2

Do the DUE Part 2 - MEDF

Last week I did a show “Do the Due” –
But I was Not Thru.

Do the DUE Part 2 is about how to stay true to yourself,
so you can get to where you are meant to be.



What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For - MEDF

Life is short, but we let it slip away thinking we have plenty of time
to get things done or to say things we should have said long ago.
If you are doing that I have a question for you:

“What are you waiting for?”



Are You Out of Your Mind?


Have you ever felt like No One Understands You?
Maybe even those closest to you think you are crazy?
Know that you are Not alone & you are in good company!


Do the Due

Do the DUE - MEDF

Are you searching for Your Everyday Freedom?
There are a lot of things out there and a lot of folks
that are willing to “Help” us  – But at a Cost.
So before you click the Buy Button make sure you Do the Due!



Who is this Jesus?

It’s Christmas time,
But has you ever wondered
Who is this Jesus?
It was said by C.S. Lewis that,
“Either He was who He said He was,
or He was a raving Lunatic.”
He is a Historical Figure.
He did live around O – 33 AD
He was a Jew that came from the line of King David.
He was the God of the Old Testament & came to Reveal the Father.
Jesus was the ONLY main Religious figure that claimed to be Very GOD!
Was He the son of God – the Son of Man or Both!

Join me today to explore just Who is this Jesus of Nazareth?

Dream Do & BE

Dream Do Be - MEDF

Got Freedom?
Do you want to Enjoy Your Everyday Freedom?
How far along are you on your journey?
You only have to take one step to start!
I have some ideas & encouragement that might help you –
Please listen in to today’s show.


What Time is IT?

It is Time! - MEDF

What Time is IT?

As the saying goes, “There is no time like the present.”

Take the time today to give yourself a present.

Time for what you ask?

It’s: Time to dream again, Time to find & live your purpose!
It’s Time to enjoy Your Everyday Freedom Right NOW!

It is Time!