Spring is Coming!

Spring Is Coming

Are you sick & tired of Winter?
Well hold on because Spring is Coming!
Just like the Seasons of the year,
we have Season in our Lives.
And just like the annual seasons,
if you do not like the season in your life right now,
don’t worry it will change!



Stuck In A Rut

Stuck in a Rut - MEDF

Are you stuck in a rut?
Are you down in the pit of destiny robbing uncertainty and despair?
Well be encouraged and don’t let that get you down,
because you can climb out of that rut and into Your Everyday Freedom!
Listen in today to hear how you can shake it off and step up into your destiny!



Why So Many Religions?

Religions 600x600


The World Population = Over 7 Billion.
World Religions = 19 major with 270 large groups.
Why are there so many religions when there is only One True God?
And with all the different “Religions of Peace” in the World –  
Why don’t we have World Peace?

Today’s show explores why – Won’t you join me?


Just Decide

Just Decide - MEDF

You have probably heard the saying, “Just Do IT!”
But what if you don’t know what your “IT” is?
There is a way to find out Your IT
and you only need to Just Decide!



Enjoy the Now – Part 2

Enjoy the Now - Part 2 - Twitter


Enjoy the Now Part 2 – More lessons from past mistakes.

I had a dream this weekend where I had a chance

to go back in my past and change one mistake.
I had a real hard time trying to decide which ONE mistake
I would choose, but realized two important things.

First – You can’t go back to the past.
Second – I like where I am and
I love the people that are in my life now!

Listen in today and learn from my mistakes,
so you can enjoy your now right Now!



Finding the Perfect Church

The Perfect Church - MEDF

Are you looking for the Perfect Church to attend?

Is there even such a thing as a Perfect Church?
Would you like to know where that place is?

As a believer for many years I have learned a few key questions to ask,
things to look for and things to avoid like the proverbial Biblical Plague.
And I would like to share a few ways that might just help to find the right Church for you.

Listen in: The answers might surprise you.


Super Bowl 49 – Winners & Whiners

Superbowl-49- W & W

In every sports game you have your winners and losers.
But this year’s Super Bowl 49 had Winners, Losers and Whiners,
and I ‘m not even talking about the players.

It’s human nature to pick a favorite team then love & cheer for your team and hate the other guy’s team.
Sore losers can’t stand it when their team loses and might even accuse the other team of cheating to win.

This was the case throughout this last NFL season against the New England Patriots.
Whether that is true or not does not change the fact that the Patriots went to the Super Bowl and Won!

There will always be winners and losers in life.
Do you cheer for the winners & are you happy when others succeed in life?
Or do you have bad feelings toward those that succeed and maybe even accuse them of cheating,
stealing or succeeding in an unethical way? It doesn’t change the other folk’s success or failure rate
and it definitely doesn’t do you any good in Your Everyday Freedom journey to whine & complain
about what others do. 
What matters in life is how you play the game!

You just have to make sure you’re playing to win!
Listen in today to find out how you can learn from Super Bowl 49 and win at life starting today:


Living on the Positive Side of Life

Living on the Positive Side of Life - Chart MEDF

Are you unhappy? Feeling negative?
If you are feeling down and negative and
want to start living on the positive side of life,
You Can Do It as easily as flipping a switch.
You can turn your negative to positive just by choosing to right now!
It may take a little work, but it is easier than you think.
It is a matter of how you look at things and
what you focus on while you are looking!

Listen in today to turn that frown upside down

and start living of the positive side of life!