Passover, the Days of Unleavened Bread and Easter

Behold the Lamb of God

Passover, the Days of Unleavened Bread and Easter.
What does the Bible have to say about these days?
Passover is coming up next week.
Many think it is a day just for the Jewish people,
but did you know that God gave Passover for all mankind?
There is rich meaning and purpose and we can discover
God’s plan for mankind if we put the Old & New Testament together.
Join me for today’s time of rest and refreshing:



What is Your What?

Image What - 6 Key Questions Series - Part 2

Whenever you are going after something really important
to you, like Your Everyday Freedom –
You need to know first:
What it is that you are going after, then you need to know –
What it is that makes that so important to you.

In other words –

You need to know What Is Your What!
Let me help you discover that today.



Love the Unloveable

Love the Unlovable

We are instructed to Love our Enemies.
What about those that do and say things
that just make them seem Unlovable.

Don’t carry the Weight of Hate around

because in the long run it only hurts you!
Free yourself of the today!



Who is Your Who?

6 Key Questions Series - Part 1

You know you want Your Everyday Freedom.
Did you know that there are 6 Key Questions to ask yourself
that can help you achieve Your Everyday Freedom?
The first question in this series is to know WHO you want
your Everyday Freedom for.
In other words – Who is Your Who?

Let’s discover that today.



Quit Quitting!

Quit Quitting

Have you ever worked so hard on your dream, goal and destiny,
but nothing seems to go right or work out for you?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to no avail?

Do you feel like just quitting?

Well if you are going to quit something,
how about if you just Quit Quitting?

Your Everyday Freedom is closer than you know!

Listen in and find out just what I mean.





Here we go again!
Another Work Week and another go-round on that
Hamster Wheel of Life in this Old Rut Race.
So I thought I would check in with you to see WAZZUP with You
and how you are coming along with Your Everyday Freedom Journey?





SOS and I don’t mean Save Our Ship.
I mean Shiny Object Syndrome.

This is a condition that distracts us

with Shiny Objects and keeps us from
focusing on tasks that are important to us.

SOS will keep us from accomplishing

our goals. So what are some shiny objects
and what can we do to avoid SOS?
Listen in to find out!





If you want to accomplish any task in life
Fast & Best it is a Must to Prioritize!


What does that mean?
Below is the official definition:

verb \prī-ˈor-ə-ˌtīz, -ˈär-; ˈprī-ə-rə-\
: to organize (things) so that the most
important thing is done or dealt with first
: to make (something) the most
important thing in a group


So before you get started – Know what it is you what to do,
how you are going to do it, and in what order (priority)
make sure your task gets done and gets done right!

Listen in today for some tips that will help you
learn how to prioritize anything in life.



Beware of Wolves

Beware of Wolves - MEDF

Beware of false teachers.
They come to you disguised as sheep,
but in their hearts they are vicious wolves.

They may look & act like Sheep for a little while,
but Watch Out for the Wolves
or they will make you their lunch!
Listen in to learn how spot them: