Will – Way!

Will - Way


Most have heard the old saying,
“Will there is a will, there is a way.”
It you really want something, what does that mean?

Does that have something to do with the

Law of Attraction or is there more to it?

The good news I want to tell you about today is that –

If you have the Will there IS a WAY!!!

Listen to find out want I mean by Will – Way!



Does Obeying God Matter?

Does Obeying God Matter

In today’s society – Does obeying God matter?

Jesus said, “If you Love Me keep My commandments.”

But what does that mean & what is it we are to obey?
Listen in and find out.





Now that you have 5 of the 6 Key Questions answered
and You know your Who, and What.
You have a big enough Why to keep you motivated
and you know When you should start.
You have also found your Where, but
there is still one Key Question in this 6 Part Series: HOW?

How will you achieve Your Everyday Freedom?
Listen in today & let’s find out!





Location – Location – Location!!!
Now that you know your Who, What, Why
and When you need to find out Where
you are going to set up Your Everyday Freedom.
Listen in today and let’s explore!



Lessons from Leaven

Lessons from Leaven

What can you learn from a loaf of Bread?
Jesus said He did not come to do away with the Law,
but to magnify it. He came to reveal the Father’s Heart and
intent of what most consider being harsh mean old laws.

There is a lot we can learn from these last seven days of

the Week of Unleavened Bread that God gave us?
There are both Physical and Spiritual lessons from
getting the leaven 
out and putting the unleavened in.
Join me today & let’s discover some Lessons from Leaven.



When is Your When?

When - AW

Are you wondering When Your Dream, Goal &
Everyday Freedom is ever going to happen?

To find out When Your When is

listen in today!



Is Your WHY BIG Enough?


Now that you know WHO Your Everyday Freedom is for &
WHAT IT Is that will help you achieve Your Everyday Freedom,
You need to have a BIG Enough WHY to keep you motivated to
Go after Your dream, goal and passion relentlessly!

In other words –

You need to know Your WHY!
Let’s discover that today.