Don’t Lose Sight

Don't Lose Sight - MEDF

When going for your dreams & destiny you have
to have a big enough why & you have to have a clear vision.
Not just why you are going after it, but who you are doing it all for.

I want to warn you not to get so single focused

that you lose sight of the original reasons
you started your journey in the first place.



Pentecost – Fifty is Nifty


This Sunday is the Day of Pentecost.
The Day of Pentecost is full of meaning and significance

in the past, the present and for the future.
It is a day full of hope for All mankind.
In the called Pentecost in the New Testament
and in the Old Testament it’s called the Feast of Weeks
or the Feast of First Fruits.

It is the one and only time in the Bible that God instructs
us to keep the 1st day of the week, but as you will find out it is
one of God’s 7 Annual Holy Days not a weekly observance. 

Listen in to learn about this wonderful day of promise from God.



Just Stop It


On Your Everyday Freedom Journey
there are bound to be obstacles that get in your way.
You know, those things that try to stop you or just slow you down.
But when something tries to stop you just tell

Whatever it is to, “Just Stop It!”



Remember the Sabbath

Remember the Sabbath

Of the Ten Commandments –
Only one instructs us to remember something.
And that is the one commandment that most,
especially professing Christians ignore, forsake or forget!

Why is that?  Join me on today’s Spiritual Saturday.



OverCome OverWhelm!

OverCome OverWhelm - AW

Have you ever felt like you have way
too much to do & Not enough time to do it all?

Or worse you got certain things planned,

but keep getting distracted with other less important stuff.

A way to end that feeling of being overwhelmed is

the way You take charge of your day & how you prioritize tasks.

Listen in today and Over Come Over Whelm!



What is the Church?

What is the Church

With over 36,000 different Christian denominations,
and  all the different organizations with all the different
kinds of Church buildings – Have you ever wondered:
What exactly is the Church?


Listen in today and let’s explore that question!



Just for FUN!

Just for Fun


Every now and then you have to take a break
from your busy life and do something
Just for Fun!

Let’s have some Fun today – Listen In!



Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

Why do we believe what we believe

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you believe
what you believe or how you came to your beliefs?
In today’s episode of Spiritual Saturday the God Pod
we are going to explore some of the possible reasons.