Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

There are many different kinds of lies.
But the worse lies are the ones we tell
and believe.

Let’s stop that today –
Live the truth and be who you are truly meant to be!





Whether you need to forgive a wrong done to you
or you need to be forgiven for wrongs you have done –
Forgiveness is a Powerful thing.


Listen in to find out Why!




Time for a Change

One Big thing humans hate is change.
But Change is one of the few constant things in life.
And there is an expression in my profession,
“If it ain’t broke, Don’t Fix IT!”
And if it is broke, then we need to do some fixin.
That’s why I going to be making some changes
to the My Everyday Freedom Podcast.
Listen in to find out what those changes will be.




Freedom - Episode 71


Today the 4th of July is what the United States calls
Independence Day.
It was a day set aside to celebrate freedom from
England’s “Tyrannical” Rule.
But are we really free. Is anyone in the world really free?
We can be. There is a way!
Jesus the Christ came to Proclaim Freedom to the Captives,
to Heal the Broken Hearted, Give Sight to the Blind &
to Release the Prisoners from Darkness.
Is there anything you are captive to?
Would you like True Freedom?
Your Freedom is Free & has already been paid for
in Full for you with a Heavy Price and it is free for you this very day!
Please join me today and find out about it.



I Understand

Keep Calm I Understand

If you are having a rough time of life right now,
and feel you are all alone and no one understands:
Take heart because you are going to be okay!
You are not alone & I understand!

Join me today for some understanding.