It’s a Busy World!

Busy World - MEDF

It’s a Busy World out there isn’t it?
I have been busy working Looooonnnng hours
at the JOB with a project that needed me to
do a month’s worth of work in a few days.
But I am back on My Everyday Freedom Trail.
Please come join me for a short visit & some encouragement.

Where is the Thief?


Many traditional Christians will use Luke 23: 43
to support the doctrine that when you die you go to heaven.
But there are Biblical conflicts about that verse.
To find out what they are and where the thief
actually is today listen to today’s show.



Do You Really Want to be a Rich Jerk?

Have you ever thought about becoming Rich & Famous?
Some are rich, but at what cost?
Would it be at the expensive of others or
at the cost of your own integrity and
who you were truly meant to be?

So the question I want to ask you today is:
“Do You Really Want to be a Rich Jerk?”


 Listen in to answer that Question for Yourself.