Honor Your Father and Your Mother

Happy 90th MOM!

Happy Birthday Mom!
One of the BIG Ten Commandments in the Bible
is To Honor Your Father & Your Mother.
My Mom just turned 90 &
I want to Honor her with this show.
Please join me today & meet my Mom!



Why Ask Why?


Now that you know WHO Your Everyday Freedom is for &
WHAT it is that will help you achieve Your Everyday Freedom –
Do you know Your WHY?
In other words – You need to ask Why you want
Your Everyday Freedom & it needs to be
a Big Enough Why to Motivate You to Succeed!
Let’s discover Your Why Today.



What is the Next Question!


What is the Next Question?!
Today we are going to explore
the 2nd Key Question of the 6 Keys Questions
to help you achieve Your Everyday Freedom
and More of It!
What is the Next Question? – What IS Your WHAT?
What is Your Dream, Goal or Passion
that you would LOVE
to Achieve and Enjoy Starting Right Now?
Listen in & let me help you discover that Today!



Are You Thankful?

Are You Thankful - Woman-in-the-Wind

Are You a Thankful person?
Do you see the half glass of water half empty or half full? 
If you look for the bad you will find it, but
If you look for the good you are sure to find the Good!
Listen in today & Let’s find things to be Thankful for!



A Little Help Please?!

A Little Help Please

Are you still searching for that “Thing”
that’s going to make this Your Best Year Ever?
Sometimes you just need a little help &
you need to ask the right questions to get the right answers.
I went back into the My Everyday Freedom Vault to pull out
the 6 Key Questions Series so you can discover your
Who, What, Why, Where, When & How
to achieve Your Everyday Freedom!
Join me Today & Get the 1st of the 6 Key Questions.