Chit Chat and That’s That!

Chit Chat

Sometimes we’re so busy being busy
and moving so fast that
we don’t take any time to just Relax.
So right now – Sit a spell, take your shoes off
while I slow it down a bit to talk about
a little of this & a little of that –
So join me today as I Chit Chat.



What’s So Good About Good Friday?

What's so Good about Good Friday? - Christ Crucified

Good Friday is traditionally said to be the day
that Jesus of Nazareth was Crucified.
Jesus suffered the most gruesome death that any man
could suffer at the hands of the Romans, falsely accused
by Religious men that hated Him.
Jesus said That the Only Sign He would give that
He was indeed the Messiah
and Savior of the World
was that He would be 3 days & 3 nights in the grave.

But a Friday Crucifixion & Sunday Morning Resurrection is only 1 ½ days.
Was Jesus wrong or are men and their doctrine and traditions?
If you have ever wondered about that – Listen in Today
as I ask the question: What’s so Good about Good Friday?
For the Resource Links and Scriptures mentioned on the Show
Click the Link: What’s So Good about Good Friday Resource Page

And HOW?

And How

Now that you have 5 of the 6 Key Questions answered
and You know Your Who and What.
You have a Big enough Why to keep you motivated
and You know When & Where You should Start.
There is still one Key Question in this 6 Part Series: HOW?
Now You Need to have the Know How
to Know How to Achieve Your Everyday Freedom?
Listen in today to discover Your How!



I Was Young and Now I am Old

Young or Old - hands

Whether you are Young or Old –
Listen in and be Encouraged!



Where O Where?

Where - 2

The saying goes,
There are 3 important things in knowing
Where to set up Your Dream, Goal and Passion –
And those 3 Things are:
Location – Location – Location!!!
And now that you know your Who, What,
Why and When – You need to find out Your WHERE!
Where are you going to set up Your Everyday Freedom?
Listen in Today & Let’s Find the Perfect Place for You!



When is the Right Time?

When is the Right Time

Do you know When the Right Time
Is to Start Your Everyday Freedom Journey?
Are you wondering When Your Dream,
Your Goal & Your True Passion is ever going to happen?
Listen in to find out When Your When Is!