2016 is almost over and 2017 is almost here.
Let’s NOT make this just another number on a calendar,
where we make a bunch of plans and
then do the same things as we did before. 
How about we live an Intentional Life starting right NOW!
Please listen in today and Let’s get Going!



Sabbath Rest – Spiritual Freedom Plan Part 2

The Weekly Sabbath was given by God to man as an
important part of The Spiritual Freedom Plan.
And yet even though it is the ONLY commandment of the Big Ten
that starts with “Remember” most have forgotten and replaced
it with a substitute that will never set us free.
To find out what that means Listen to today’s message.



2016 Electoral Vote

The 2016 Electoral Vote is completed!
Can we just get move on Now?
That’s the topic for today.
Please join me.



What is Your Spiritual Freedom Plan?

Where are You on Your Spiritual Journey?
Are you Spiritually Free?
If Not – DO You have a Spiritual Freedom Plan?
There are many plans out there, but ONLY ONE
leads to True Spiritual Freedom.
If you are interested in Finding out what that plan is
Listen in to Today’s Message.



What’s Your Freedom Plan?

If you don’t Plan You Plan to Fail.
So you already have a Freedom Plan you should be busy working on it!
But if you don’t have a plan for your Everyday Freedom –
Listen in Today to Get Started.



Blessed to Bless


It’s great to be Blessed!
We love receiving Blessings, but it is not always about us.
Sometimes we are Blessed so that we can Bless Others.
Listen in today & find out what I mean.