What am I doing Here???

Sometimes we start a project & then Life Happens!
We get taken off course so that we must re-evaluate
what is truly important and what needs our full attention.
That has happened in my life and that’s what I would like
to share with you today – Please Join me Today!



What is Important?

In this life we have our priorities and lists of Things to Do.
We have our dreams, goals and passions,
but then all of a sudden some life changing event happens
and it causes us to wonder – What’s Really Important?!?
That’s what I what to talk about today.
Please Join Me.



Larger than LIFE!

Have you ever gone to the Movies and watched the Actors & Actresses on the Big Screen?
They may seem Larger than Life! But that is Not Really Who they are.
When going for Your Dream, Your Goal or You Passion – Don’t try to be Larger than Life.
Live the true & honest You & You Will Be Great!
Please join me Today.



What is Freedom?

The 4th of July in the USA is a day of BBQs and Fireworks.
It is also known as Independence Day to commemorate the
Country’s freedom from England.
Today I have a question for those in the USA or
anywhere in the World that hears this:
What is Freedom to You?



You Can’t Do It All

There may be a thousand things to do on your thousand step journey,
but you can only take one step at a time.
Sure-footedness will surely get you to your destination.
Take a Step & Join me Today!

6 Key Questions Series Links:


How Long???

Have you ever wondered –
When will I Achieve My Goal, My Dream, My Passion?
Have you ever Shouted Out Loud, “HOW LONG?”
or “How Long will it Take?”
or “How Long do I have to Wait for My Everyday Freedom?”
Join me today for a short chat on that!



How to Cope

When things go awry on your Dream, Goal or Passion
and there are obstacles keeping you from achieving
You Everyday Freedom – How Do You Cope?
Today I want to share 5 things I do that helps me
and I hope they will help you as well.
Here is the list:
1. Make a Plan.
2. Have a Plan B.
3. Don’t try to do too much all at once.
4. Look for the Bright Side.
5. Never – Never – Never Give Up!
Join me today for the explanation.



The Un-Doable Dos

Sometimes we do things that we wish we never did.
We try to take it back and even wish for a Do Over.
Well, sometimes in life we just can’t Un-do the Dos.
So what can we do about the Un-Doables?
Join me today and find out.



Memorial Day – A Time to Remember

Here in the United States let’s take some time
to remember those who paid the Ultimate Price
so that we could enjoy Our Every Day Freedom.
Please join me today for a quick message.