Memorial Day – A Time to Remember

Here in the United States let’s take some time
to remember those who paid the Ultimate Price
so that we could enjoy Our Every Day Freedom.
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The Old AND The New

Some think the Old is better than the new and it’s all that we need.
Some think the New means we can forget about the Old.
But the Old shows the Way to the New.
We Need both The Old AND The New
for a clearer picture of God’s Complete Plan for Us.

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Religious Folk

Jesus warned His followers to Beware of the teachings of the Pharisees.
There are still many Modern Day Pharisees we should beware of.
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Fleeting is Life

This week I was reminded how fleeting is life.
We got news that one of my wife’s Aunts died &

the next day I heard that one of my Aunts had died.
Life is a lot shorter than may think, so let’s make the best of it
and let other know how much we love them now.
Please join me today!



The Shack

Last week the Movie “The Shack” came out.
Like the book of the same title there is a big stir about it.
Some of the stir is good & some bad.
So What About the Shack?
Is the movie good or bad, theological or heretical?
And should you go see it?
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Desire and Direction

You might have a desire to accomplish a task,
but without direction to get there you might just get lost.
And if you have direction without the desire to get there
you may never accomplish the task before you.
To be truly successful in a task you need
to have both Desire & Direction.
Listen in Today for help with Both!



People of God Arise

With a New President in the United States & seeing all the
negative comments I want to encourage Christians,
to Stand Up, Step Up & Be the Church of Christ
to this Dark & Dying World.
Please Listen in Today



Sabbath Rest – Spiritual Freedom Plan Part 2

The Weekly Sabbath was given by God to man as an
important part of The Spiritual Freedom Plan.
And yet even though it is the ONLY commandment of the Big Ten
that starts with “Remember” most have forgotten and replaced
it with a substitute that will never set us free.
To find out what that means Listen to today’s message.