How Hard Do You Have It?

How Hard Do You Have It?
What problems or obstacles do you feel are disabling you?
I have come to realize how important being thankful is to achieving My Everyday Freedom!
Need some inspiration?

I just watched the video below and afterwards felt pretty ashamed of myself for complaining about the small problems I have compared to Nick.
What an awesome example!
Nick encouraged me to be thankful for all that I have and know that any problems I have can be overcome.

I hope Nick has encouraged you as much as he has me.
There are lots more of Nick’s story on his site:
Nick Vujicic – http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/
I hope Nick has encouraged you as much as he has me.


Some Visual Encouragment

I know it can seem too hard sometimes to push through the everyday struggles life throws our way, so I thought I would post a bit of visual encouragement for you.

That is a very powerful visual!

So let us forget everything we have been told before and not limit ourselves by negative thoughts or ideas.

At about to 40 seconds mark of the video when the young man Brock was asked if he had already written off the upcoming game as a loss – he said, “Not if I knew we could beat them.”

The truth for us is we have already WON if we believe that. And with that mindset we have NO LIMITS – except the ones we put on ourselves.

So let’s just get busy and get going then go just a bit more, just a bit more and we will be AMAZED at what we will accomplish! See you at the finish line!

Best of Success,