How Long???

Have you ever wondered –
When will I Achieve My Goal, My Dream, My Passion?
Have you ever Shouted Out Loud, “HOW LONG?”
or “How Long will it Take?”
or “How Long do I have to Wait for My Everyday Freedom?”
Join me today for a short chat on that!



Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

Why do we believe what we believe

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you believe
what you believe or how you came to your beliefs?
In today’s episode of Spiritual Saturday the God Pod
we are going to explore some of the possible reasons.



Does Obeying God Matter?

Does Obeying God Matter

In today’s society – Does obeying God matter?

Jesus said, “If you Love Me keep My commandments.”

But what does that mean & what is it we are to obey?
Listen in and find out.



Why So Many Religions?

Religions 600x600


The World Population = Over 7 Billion.
World Religions = 19 major with 270 large groups.
Why are there so many religions when there is only One True God?
And with all the different “Religions of Peace” in the World –  
Why don’t we have World Peace?

Today’s show explores why – Won’t you join me?