Where is the Magic?

Has going for your Everyday Freedom dream, goal or passion
been hard for you? Do you want an Easy Button?
Have you tried different things without success &
been wondering where the Magic Is?
Listen in Today & I will reveal a Secret just for You!




2016 is almost over and 2017 is almost here.
Let’s NOT make this just another number on a calendar,
where we make a bunch of plans and
then do the same things as we did before. 
How about we live an Intentional Life starting right NOW!
Please listen in today and Let’s get Going!



Don’t Fear Change


Is the Fear of Change keeping You from
Your Dream, Your Goal, Your Passion?
Some fear change of things going from Bad to Worse.
But how about changing things from Bad to Better!
Let’s Not Fear Change.
Listen in Today & Change Things Up!



2016 – Ready or Not Here It Comes!

Happy 2016

2015 is gone.
Ready or Not Here it Comes – 2016.
With 2015 done and gone,
what are you plans for 2016?
Let make this Our Best Year Ever!
Join me today for some 2016 thoughts.

Do You Really Want to be a Rich Jerk?

Have you ever thought about becoming Rich & Famous?
Some are rich, but at what cost?
Would it be at the expensive of others or
at the cost of your own integrity and
who you were truly meant to be?

So the question I want to ask you today is:
“Do You Really Want to be a Rich Jerk?”


 Listen in to answer that Question for Yourself.

Don’t Lose Sight

Don't Lose Sight - MEDF

When going for your dreams & destiny you have
to have a big enough why & you have to have a clear vision.
Not just why you are going after it, but who you are doing it all for.

I want to warn you not to get so single focused

that you lose sight of the original reasons
you started your journey in the first place.



Quit Quitting!

Quit Quitting

Have you ever worked so hard on your dream, goal and destiny,
but nothing seems to go right or work out for you?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to no avail?

Do you feel like just quitting?

Well if you are going to quit something,
how about if you just Quit Quitting?

Your Everyday Freedom is closer than you know!

Listen in and find out just what I mean.



What If I Fail?

What IF - MEDF

Have you ever had something you really wanted to do,
but then you talked yourself out of it by playing the
What IF game?


You know What if it doesn’t work, what if I can’t,
What if I Fail!? Three out of four ain’t bad, but
Let’s take the One Word “Fail” out of the phrase
and Replace it!

Replace it with what? – Listen in today and find out!