Religious Folk

Jesus warned His followers to Beware of the teachings of the Pharisees.
There are still many Modern Day Pharisees we should beware of.
To find out what I mean Listen in Today!



The Shack

Last week the Movie “The Shack” came out.
Like the book of the same title there is a big stir about it.
Some of the stir is good & some bad.
So What About the Shack?
Is the movie good or bad, theological or heretical?
And should you go see it?
Join me Today for some thoughts about The Shack.



Paid in FULL

Paid In Full

I had a debt I could not pay, He paid the debt He did not owe,
I needed someone, to wash my sins away.
And now I sing a brand new song, “Amazing Grace” all day long,
Christ Jesus paid the debt in Full, that I could never pay.
He has done to same for you. Will you accept His offer?
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Where is the Thief?


Many traditional Christians will use Luke 23: 43
to support the doctrine that when you die you go to heaven.
But there are Biblical conflicts about that verse.
To find out what they are and where the thief
actually is today listen to today’s show.



Where is God?

Where is God - MEDF

Some ask Where is God?!?
He is a lot closer than you think.

Listen in to find out just Where He’s at.

If You’re Going Thru Hell – Don’t Stop!

Going thru Hell

What do you do when you’re going thru Hell?
I know what I’m going to do so listen in today and find out!


Here is the link for Ron Kenoly’s Song “If you catch hell.”



Does Obeying God Matter?

Does Obeying God Matter

In today’s society – Does obeying God matter?

Jesus said, “If you Love Me keep My commandments.”

But what does that mean & what is it we are to obey?
Listen in and find out.



Why Ask Why?

The GodPod - 1 in 7 for Rest & Refreshing

The GodPod – 1 in 7 for Rest & Refreshing

Have you ever asked Why?
For today’s Spiritual Saturday – The God Pod Show
I thought I would pull up & edit a show for you that I had
 previously recorded exploring Spiritual aspects of the question Why?