The Un-Doable Dos

Sometimes we do things that we wish we never did.
We try to take it back and even wish for a Do Over.
Well, sometimes in life we just can’t Un-do the Dos.
So what can we do about the Un-Doables?
Join me today and find out.




Time for a Change

One Big thing humans hate is change.
But Change is one of the few constant things in life.
And there is an expression in my profession,
“If it ain’t broke, Don’t Fix IT!”
And if it is broke, then we need to do some fixin.
That’s why I going to be making some changes
to the My Everyday Freedom Podcast.
Listen in to find out what those changes will be.



2015 – Back to the Future

past doesnot equal the future - med banner
2015 is almost here! 
But before it gets here I have a question for you:
It is possible to go back to the past to fix the future?


There is a way to fix you past for a better future
 & you won’t even need an expensive car
or a scientist to do that.
Listen to today’s show to find out
the secret to Your Awesome Future!