What is Important?

In this life we have our priorities and lists of Things to Do.
We have our dreams, goals and passions,
but then all of a sudden some life changing event happens
and it causes us to wonder – What’s Really Important?!?
That’s what I what to talk about today.
Please Join Me.



Confessions of an Old Man

Most think of Confessions as admitting wrong doing.
Some associate it with a person making a statement
of their faith or religious beliefs.
But a Confession can also be an admission, acknowledgment, 
profession, revelation, disclosure or divulgence of something positive.
What does All that Mean?
Listen in Today and Find Out!



Desire and Direction

You might have a desire to accomplish a task,
but without direction to get there you might just get lost.
And if you have direction without the desire to get there
you may never accomplish the task before you.
To be truly successful in a task you need
to have both Desire & Direction.
Listen in Today for help with Both!



What’s Next?

So you’ve figured out What the New thing is that
You are going to do in 2017.
Okay – What’s Next?

Listen in Today for the Next Step.



What Do You Want To Do?

Have you been living your life for others?
If so, I have a question for you today.
What do You want to do?
Please listen in Today and Be Encouraged.



Duct Tape Dreams


Where have I been lately?
If you are still struggle to hold your dream together,
Then just listen to today’s Show & Know
I understand where you are coming from!

It’s Unfair!


Here in the U.S. we just had the 1st Presidential Debate
and many would say it was Unfair!
So what does that have to do with Your Everyday Freedom?
Listen in Today & Find Out.