You Can’t Do It All

There may be a thousand things to do on your thousand step journey,
but you can only take one step at a time.
Sure-footedness will surely get you to your destination.
Take a Step & Join me Today!

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One Step at a Time

How do you start your journey
achieve your dream, goal or passion?
You take the first step then, one step
at a time until you arrive!
Step Out & Listen to Today’s Show!



Back on Track so Don’t Look Back!


So you’ve picked yourself up & gotten back on track.
Now What Do You Do?
You Keep Moving Forward & You Don’t Look Back!
Listen in Today.



Baby Steps

Baby Steps
If you’ve failed at achieving your goals
because you can’t make those giant leaps,
then try getting there with Baby Steps!
Take one small step & Listen in Today!



It’s a Busy World!

Busy World - MEDF

It’s a Busy World out there isn’t it?
I have been busy working Looooonnnng hours
at the JOB with a project that needed me to
do a month’s worth of work in a few days.
But I am back on My Everyday Freedom Trail.
Please come join me for a short visit & some encouragement.