Memorial Day – A Time to Remember

Here in the United States let’s take some time
to remember those who paid the Ultimate Price
so that we could enjoy Our Every Day Freedom.
Please join me today for a quick message.



People of God Arise

With a New President in the United States & seeing all the
negative comments I want to encourage Christians,
to Stand Up, Step Up & Be the Church of Christ
to this Dark & Dying World.
Please Listen in Today



Blessed to Bless


It’s great to be Blessed!
We love receiving Blessings, but it is not always about us.
Sometimes we are Blessed so that we can Bless Others.
Listen in today & find out what I mean.



Peace Be With You


If you are having trials & tribulations
and you need a way to calm the stormy seas,
I have good news for you.
There is a Peace that Surpasses all our understanding.
Listen In Today & I will tell You how You can Receive that Peace!



Can I Get an AMEN?!

Can I get an Amen

After a stressful week let’s just take some time to
Rest & Refresh & find something we can agree on.
Can I get an Amen?
Please join me today.



If You’re Going Thru Hell – Don’t Stop!

Going thru Hell

What do you do when you’re going thru Hell?
I know what I’m going to do so listen in today and find out!


Here is the link for Ron Kenoly’s Song “If you catch hell.”



Why So Many Religions?

Religions 600x600


The World Population = Over 7 Billion.
World Religions = 19 major with 270 large groups.
Why are there so many religions when there is only One True God?
And with all the different “Religions of Peace” in the World –  
Why don’t we have World Peace?

Today’s show explores why – Won’t you join me?