How to Cope

When things go awry on your Dream, Goal or Passion
and there are obstacles keeping you from achieving
You Everyday Freedom – How Do You Cope?
Today I want to share 5 things I do that helps me
and I hope they will help you as well.
Here is the list:
1. Make a Plan.
2. Have a Plan B.
3. Don’t try to do too much all at once.
4. Look for the Bright Side.
5. Never – Never – Never Give Up!
Join me today for the explanation.



What is Your Spiritual Freedom Plan?

Where are You on Your Spiritual Journey?
Are you Spiritually Free?
If Not – DO You have a Spiritual Freedom Plan?
There are many plans out there, but ONLY ONE
leads to True Spiritual Freedom.
If you are interested in Finding out what that plan is
Listen in to Today’s Message.



What’s Your Freedom Plan?

If you don’t Plan You Plan to Fail.
So you already have a Freedom Plan you should be busy working on it!
But if you don’t have a plan for your Everyday Freedom –
Listen in Today to Get Started.



Never Give Up!

Never Give UP Until Done
While on your journey to Your Everyday Freedom
when times get tough & the tasks at hand seem
overwhelming, you might need to Regroup –
But NEVER Give Up until
You Achieve Your Goal, Dream or Passion!
There is a big difference between
Regrouping and Retreating:


Regroup = reassemble or cause to reassemble into
organized groups, typically after being attacked or defeated.
Some Synonyms for Regroup are: Come to Order, Bring to Order,

Restore or Renew.
Retreat = the act of withdrawing, into safety or seclusion,
& an asylum, as for the insane.
Some Synonyms for Retreat are: Evacuate, Withdrawal, Flight & Quit.

Above All You Must Never Give Up!

Please listen in & Join me today.