Where is the Magic?

Has going for your Everyday Freedom dream, goal or passion
been hard for you? Do you want an Easy Button?
Have you tried different things without success &
been wondering where the Magic Is?
Listen in Today & I will reveal a Secret just for You!



Technical Difficulties

Have you ever been in the middle of watching a favorite
TV Show or working on a Project and All of a Sudden
Everything stops and you get a message:
“We are experiencing Technical Difficulties Please Stand By.”
Frustrating isn’t it? But what do you do when you have
Technical Difficulties in your everyday life?
Instead of standing by – Listen in Today to Find Out What to Do!



Confessions of an Old Man

Most think of Confessions as admitting wrong doing.
Some associate it with a person making a statement
of their faith or religious beliefs.
But a Confession can also be an admission, acknowledgment, 
profession, revelation, disclosure or divulgence of something positive.
What does All that Mean?
Listen in Today and Find Out!




2016 is almost over and 2017 is almost here.
Let’s NOT make this just another number on a calendar,
where we make a bunch of plans and
then do the same things as we did before. 
How about we live an Intentional Life starting right NOW!
Please listen in today and Let’s get Going!



Dare to Dream – 2016


Still not sure what Your Dream, Goal or Passion is?
Sometimes people and circumstances try to tell us “NO”.
Or they just outright Steal our dreams of the past.
And maybe you have given up or forget how to dream.
That ends Now, It’s a NEW Day for You and
today I want to Encourage You to Dream again in 2016!
Join me Today and Dare to Dream!



Don’t Fear Change


Is the Fear of Change keeping You from
Your Dream, Your Goal, Your Passion?
Some fear change of things going from Bad to Worse.
But how about changing things from Bad to Better!
Let’s Not Fear Change.
Listen in Today & Change Things Up!



I Feel Your Pain

I Feel Your Pain

If You are still struggling to achieve Your Everyday Freedom
I want to let you know – I Feel Your Pain!
There hasn’t been any Podcasts for a while because I have been missing in action.
The key word is action because I’ve been the Lone BioMed Ranger at the Hospital.
With 24/7 call and lots to do the JOB has been quite overwhelming.
Let’s Encourage each other – Listen in today!



What to Do – Part 2

What to Do - Part 2

Still working out what you want to do?
I still had more to share from last time,
So I thought I would Do a Part 2!
Please Listen in Today!



What Are You Going To Do NOW?

What are You gonna do Now

If you know what Your Goal, Dream or Passion is:
What are You going to DO NOW Today to Achieve It?
Listen in Today for some Ideas to Help You.



Baby Steps

Baby Steps
If you’ve failed at achieving your goals
because you can’t make those giant leaps,
then try getting there with Baby Steps!
Take one small step & Listen in Today!