What am I doing Here???

Sometimes we start a project & then Life Happens!
We get taken off course so that we must re-evaluate
what is truly important and what needs our full attention.
That has happened in my life and that’s what I would like
to share with you today – Please Join me Today!



You Can’t Do It All

There may be a thousand things to do on your thousand step journey,
but you can only take one step at a time.
Sure-footedness will surely get you to your destination.
Take a Step & Join me Today!

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How Long???

Have you ever wondered –
When will I Achieve My Goal, My Dream, My Passion?
Have you ever Shouted Out Loud, “HOW LONG?”
or “How Long will it Take?”
or “How Long do I have to Wait for My Everyday Freedom?”
Join me today for a short chat on that!



Why Ask Why?


Now that you know WHO Your Everyday Freedom is for &
WHAT it is that will help you achieve Your Everyday Freedom –
Do you know Your WHY?
In other words – You need to ask Why you want
Your Everyday Freedom & it needs to be
a Big Enough Why to Motivate You to Succeed!
Let’s discover Your Why Today.



Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

Why do we believe what we believe

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you believe
what you believe or how you came to your beliefs?
In today’s episode of Spiritual Saturday the God Pod
we are going to explore some of the possible reasons.



Is Your WHY BIG Enough?


Now that you know WHO Your Everyday Freedom is for &
WHAT IT Is that will help you achieve Your Everyday Freedom,
You need to have a BIG Enough WHY to keep you motivated to
Go after Your dream, goal and passion relentlessly!

In other words –

You need to know Your WHY!
Let’s discover that today.



What’s Important to You?

family - WITY - MEDF
What is Important to You?
Family?   Time?   Money?

If you can answer that question then
You will know what You Ought to be Doing and Why!



What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For - MEDF

Life is short, but we let it slip away thinking we have plenty of time
to get things done or to say things we should have said long ago.
If you are doing that I have a question for you:

“What are you waiting for?”



Why Ask Why?

The GodPod - 1 in 7 for Rest & Refreshing

The GodPod – 1 in 7 for Rest & Refreshing

Have you ever asked Why?
For today’s Spiritual Saturday – The God Pod Show
I thought I would pull up & edit a show for you that I had
 previously recorded exploring Spiritual aspects of the question Why?