The Old AND The New

Some think the Old is better than the new and it’s all that we need.
Some think the New means we can forget about the Old.
But the Old shows the Way to the New.
We Need both The Old AND The New
for a clearer picture of God’s Complete Plan for Us.

Please Join me Today.



A Time to Heal


The Bible speaks of Seasons and Times.
The United States just finished the 2016 Presidential Election,
a season to elect a New National & World Leader.
This was a very passionate and intense election that revealed
division amount the American people and much fear, hurt
pain even among the members of the Church  itself.
Those that call Jesus the Christ their Lord and Savior are the Church.
They are supposed to be Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven for
the King of Kings & Lord of Lords Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).
They were instructed by their King to Occupy until He returns.
The U.S. Presidential Election is Over & Now It’s Time to Heal our
Nation and the Church has
a vital job & very important part to perform in
accomplishing that.

Please Join me Today and Let’s Begin the Healing.



Peace Be With You


If you are having trials & tribulations
and you need a way to calm the stormy seas,
I have good news for you.
There is a Peace that Surpasses all our understanding.
Listen In Today & I will tell You how You can Receive that Peace!



The Day of Atonement

Day of Atonement - Yom-Kippur

This week will be the Fall Holy Day of Atonement.
Most know it by the Jewish name of Yom Kippur which means
the Day of Covering or the Day of Forgiveness.
It not only has rich meaning for the Jewish people,
but it is an important part of God’s plan of redemption
and salvation for all mankind.


2 Chron. 7-14

For the Resource Links and Scriptures mentioned on the Show
Click the Link: Day of Atonement – Resource Page 

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Who is this Jesus?

It’s Christmas time,
But has you ever wondered
Who is this Jesus?
It was said by C.S. Lewis that,
“Either He was who He said He was,
or He was a raving Lunatic.”
He is a Historical Figure.
He did live around O – 33 AD
He was a Jew that came from the line of King David.
He was the God of the Old Testament & came to Reveal the Father.
Jesus was the ONLY main Religious figure that claimed to be Very GOD!
Was He the son of God – the Son of Man or Both!

Join me today to explore just Who is this Jesus of Nazareth?